Donations Needed

The Anglican Diocese of Southern Africa, or ANDISA consists of a large area (90,000 sq miles) that is currently served by 12 priests who are evenly divided into 2 areas, Cape Town, and Klerskdorp, where Fr. Trudeau lives. Fr. Trudeau has established a diocesan pastoral centre as well as built a chapel where he provides a place of retreat, spiritual renewal, and education for clergy, seminarians, and laity alike. The diocese has been without a bishop since 2017 and Fr. Trudeau will be returning home in August of this year to assist our Archbishop, Mark Haverland, with administrative duties in the diocese. However as we all know, this takes money and the diocese which is composed of all self-supporting priests in a country where the minimum wage is $1.35 an hour has no money. Fr. Trudeau is hoping to find 16 (or more) generous persons or parishes to support his ministry and the ANDISA with a monthly donation of $60 per month. To learn more about their work and ministry, visit and to arrange donations to his work and ministry through the Missionary Society of St Paul the Apostle, please contact Fr. Trudeau at  Any clergy or laity who would like to arrange a “missionary” visit to South Africa and participate in the work of the ACC with Fr. Trudeau are also encouraged and welcome to contact and visit him.

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