New Chapel Proposal

Download a copy of the proposal here.

What is the Priory of Stilfontein?
We are members of the Anglican Catholic Church, Original Province, and part of the Anglican Diocese of Southern Africa, soon to be part of the newly created Missionary Diocese of the West. The Priory serves multiple purposes, firstly a residence for clergy of the diocese, offices for the Diocese, a Church for the Parish of Good Hope, retreat facilities, and starting in July 2020, will also be home to the new house of formation and residence and facility for the Seminary of Saint Luke, an inter-diocesan seminary for Southern Africa. The Priory has 8 bedrooms and can accommodate 12 clergy or laity for meetings and retreats and offer meeting space for up to 50 persons for larger conferences and retreats.

Why a new chapel?
Fr. Trudeau purchased the property with his owns funds in September 2016 and set about immediately to prepare a place of worship for the residential community who prays together 3 times a day as a community. The old garage was converted into the chapel. The former owners of the property had started to build a new extended lounge and the plan was that this would one day be completed and used as either a meeting room or use it for the new chapel. In consultation with our board of trustees, it was decided that the current chapel, which seats 30 would be used as the meeting & education room and the halfway completed lounge would be completed/modified and used as the new chapel.  With the new seminary being started and the growing Parish, a new chapel which can seat 50 persons is needed.

What is needed?
The nave is mainly completed with walls and window frames. In addition to a roof on that section, estimated at $1500.00 USD, we also need to purchase bricks and mortar to build the sanctuary, vestry, extra meeting room, and add a roof to that section. Bricks costs around $120.00 for 1000 and we need approximately 6000 to complete the walls or about $720.00. Cement is $6.00 a bag and we need approximately 20 bags plus sand. Estimated costs for the sanctuary, vestry, and meeting room walls are about $1100.00 USD and $1500.00 for the roof.  Additional funds will be needed for paint, electrical, windows, and doors. In all, the project needs funding to the order of $5000.00 USD to complete it.

How to help?
In addition to your prayers, the Priory of Stilfontein would appreciate any financial assistance you may provide. South Africa currently has about 30% unemployment, and for those fortunate to have employment, the usual salary is $1.35 an hour, which makes daily life very difficult. In addition, all clergy in South Africa are self-supporting; money is a luxury!

Tax-Deductible Donations can be made via the Saint Paul Mission Society. Please make your check payable to the ACC Mission Fund and send to:

The Anglican Catholic Church
PO Box 5223
Athens, GA 30604

Please indicate on the memo line:  TRUDEAU and send us an email to so that we know that these donations are for the chapel. The SPMS has a policy that protects the confidentiality of donors, and therefore they do not let recipients of the donation know from who it came or how much was received. Please let us know about your donation so that we can ensure it is received and applied towards the chapel fund as well acknowledge, thank, and pray for you.

In South Africa, donations can be made by EFT, ATM, and counter deposit. Please contact the office on 072 373 1085 for banking details. We are a registered NPO.

Memorial Gifts
Memorial Gifts are special donations given to the Priory with praise and thanksgiving to God and in the memory of the faithful departed. If you would like to make a donation for a particular need, such as lighting, windows, altar, altar rail, tile, doors, or even for the entire project, please let us know. We can publicly acknowledge such gifts with a wall plaque as desired or in case of a donation for the entire project, we can name the chapel after a loved one as a Memorial Chapel.

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