The following clergy (and their statuses) are on the rolls of the Missionary Diocese of the West as of 01/01/2023 to serve the faithful. Our directory is updated regularly. Following their name, is an abbreviation of the Province in which they are licensed; (WC, NC, or NW.) If any priest, deacon, or bishop reports that they are a clergy member of the Anglican Catholic Church and/or of this Diocese, please refer to this list to ensure that they are currently licensed. Any clergy who reports that they are in good standing and are not on this list is doing so in contrary to the 9th Commandment: You shall not give false testimony. Please contact the Vicar General, the Very Reverend DA Trudeau, via our Contact Page if you have any questions regarding the current standing of a clergy member in the Church.


The Very Reverend Father DA Trudeau, Vicar General, Priest (FS, NC, NW, WC)

The Reverend Father TJ Kraai, Priest-In-Charge, Saint Michael ACC, Jouberton & Our Lady of Good Hope, Khuma (NW)

The Reverend Lungile de Villiers Makayi, Priest-In-Charge, Transfiguration ACC, Kanana (NW)

The Reverend Father KD Makuleni, Priest-In-Charge, Saint Benedict ACC, Langa (WC)

The Reverend Father MV Masepe, Curate, Saint Benedict ACC, Langa (WC)

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